A Power Animal – Elephant

Matriarch ElephantIn February during a Power Animal Workshop that I ran, a number of the women attending got Elephant as their power animal.  It was a wonderful and empowering experience for them and for the rest of us as well, because we got to hear about their encounter with their Elephant and we were in awe of all they shared.  Their Elephant power animal made it known they were there to work with them and help them on their present life journey.  Each individual’s Elephant offered them experiential experiences during the Journey while sharing their medicine of power and wisdom with them.  Exactly what those individuals needed for where they are, what they are doing, and where they are going in their professional as well as personal lives.  You see, Elephant medicine is that of the Sacred Feminine.  The Goddess Connection!

Elephants are a Matriarchal Society. (They share the medicine of  loyalty along with Dog and Horse). The oldest female rules the herd.  Very powerful energy!  Such inspiring medicine to be gifted with!  What was so interesting is that the women who received Elephant as their Power Animal all work in health related professions that care for and protect others.  What better medicine for empowering and guiding them.

When they shared their Journey with the Group everyone was delighted and surprised at all they had experienced. It was an enlightening and learning experience for all present.

There is a beautiful table book about Elephants written by Nancy Falconi who went to Africa to photograph the Elephants in their natural habitat.  In it she captures the essence and the power of these majestic and powerful animals.  Last year there was a herd of Elephants in Africa who walked 12 miles to mourn outside the home of Lawrence Anthony, a conservationalist who was instrumental in rescuing them. That goes to show the amazing intuition and intelligence of the Elephants who instinctively knew their friend had died even though they were so far away.

I leave you with the words of The Elephant Song sung by Kamahl (from a video made in Sri Lanka)

 “Tell me,” said the Elephant, “Tell me brothers if you can,
Why all the world is full of creatures, yet we grow in fear of man.”
“Tell me said the Elephant, Tell me why this has to be.
We have to run from man the hunter, never safe and never free.
People kill without regret, although they fly by jumbo jet
Let the world of man remember, Let the children not forget.
Gentle is the Elephant pulling loads and everything,
We love to hear the children laughing when we are in the Circus ring
Happy was the Elephant.  Happy was his gentle life
And then they came, the cruel hunter with the rifle and the knife.
We were killed without regret although they fly by jumbo jet
Let the world of man remember, let the children not forget.

“Listen, please listen” said the Elephant “if we want the world we know to stay alive
and man and beast;  we must work together and together we will survive.”
“Listen,” said the Elephant “it is Conservation Time, so take the warning when we Trumpet for the future of mankind.”

Let this call go around the world.  ..Kamahl*

Let the animals teach us.  They are eager to share their wisdom, protection, love and support with us if we would let them.  They are our “silent” companions on our Earth Walk.

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The next Power Animal workshop is scheduled for April 21st in Newmarket.  Please click here to register.




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