Sharon de Ryck CR, HTP, TTP

Sharon de Ryck CR, HTP, TTP

  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Reflexologist
  • Intuitive Mentoring
  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Emotional & Physical Journey Practitioner
  • Therapeutic Touch/Healing Touch Practitioner
  • Animal Reiki/Animal Communication/Courses and Workshops

Welcome !

My name is Sharon deRyck. In the mid ‘90’s while working for a large Human Service Agency, I was guided by Spirit towards the Healing Arts and Personal Development field.  With a previous background in Administrative Support, Computer Marketing and Human Resources, here I was in the Human Services field listening daily to women who were experiencing unexpected, disruptive and often traumatic change in their lives.

It was during that period that my life went into fast-forward, and there was no turning back!  I entered a period of self-healing and self-exploration and back-to-back night and week-end courses over a 5 year period.  Today I continue my journey of learning and growing in order to serve my clients with wisdom and knowledge, providing a safe, judgment free environment filled with acceptance and compassion.

The 90’s were definitely a time of change and transition for me. In the late 90’s I studied the work of Paul Solomon and was introduced to Abraham’s teachings, which blended together beautifully. Using their teachings, I developed Seminars and Workshops based on the Law of Attraction, which I shared with various audiences comprising of government resource offices, direct marketing seminar groups, YCSB teachers retreats, corporate employees lunch meet-ups and my own private run workshops. It was from these groups that I met women who were going through change in their lives as well as women who were ready for change. Often, they would refer their partners to me, or their young adult children.

In 1998 I opened Healing Path Centre and in 1999 I started the journey of studying to become a Reiki Master. Over the years, I have had the privilege to be taught by mentors, teachers, instructors, transpersonal/Gestalt practitioners and spiritual masters whose wisdom and teachings have been the precursor to my work and my life’s mission to act as a bridge for change for personal and spiritual growth and change in the lives of my clients.

In my work, I not only bring my 15 years plus experience in the modalities and disciplines I offer, I also bring the teachings of the many masters and teachers who have crossed my path and blessed my life by enhancing my personal and spiritual growth over those years.

I invite you to visit my LinkedIn Profile for a complete review of my work and educational experience and feel free to contact me to book an appointment or for more information.


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