Being Grateful on a Daily Basis – Significance of the Number 21

Being gratefulIn January after reading a story on gratitude and how it energetically changes one’s life in many wonderful ways when one focuses on what they are grateful for on a daily basis, I decided to set aside some time daily over the next 21 days and try that practice for myself.  It advised that at the end of each day before going to sleep, review all the experiences and good things that occurred during the day and give thanks for them. I thought, what a brilliant way of working with gratitude.

Living in gratitude and saying thank you constantly, even when I am doing something for someone is ingrained into my way of life.  There is so much in my life to be grateful for. Therefore, I was delighted to start my daily 21-day gratitude practice on February 1st.  Twenty-one is a magical number.  It takes 21 days of repetition to form a new habit (and maybe break an old one as well) and it takes 21 days for a chicken to hatch from an egg.  Number twenty one carries a very high spiritual vibration as well.  Twenty-one resonated with me and so I started my practice of gratitude for a 21-day cycle.

Doing my gratitude writings daily reminded me of the Law of Attraction Workshop I designed many moons ago and which I ran for a number of Government and Employment organizations during the early part of 2000.  I went on to offer it privately and incorporated many facets in my mentoring practice with women in transition; many of whom were longing for Change in their personal and professional lives.  In the workshop, everyone was asked to develop their personal gratitude list, even if their lives were falling apart.  Many of the workshop attendees were at a stage when things looked pretty bleak and they were unsure of ever finding the job of their dreams or just any job at all. I requested that they keep writing for 7 days… everything in their lives they were grateful for even if they felt it was a hopeless endeavour.  I tried to make it interesting by sharing that seven is a magical number (which it is) because there are 7 colors in the Rainbow and we can forgive Seven times Seventy.  I advised them to keep writing everything they were grateful for and if they ran out of things to be grateful for, make some up.  I explained that the Law of Attraction would be happy to fulfill their desires via their gratitude list and sure enough many did just that and surprised themselves that it worked.

The women were all for it, however the very small percentage of male attendees were openly hostile and were in no way ready to humor ‘this woman with the fangled dangle teachings of  Law of Attraction’ (one man’s eloquent description of me!)  I hope he got to see the movie The Secret when it came out.  Is it any wonder my mentoring practice is geared to supporting and working with women in transition who are experiencing change in their lives!

The Law of Attraction says ‘what we think about comes about.’  Therefore, it was so important for everyone to follow up their 7-day gratitude lists with their own personal list of their goals, visions and dreams for their future.  There is no better time for focusing on gratitude and working with the Law of Attraction and its powerful Law of Deliberate Creating than when we are facing challenges and cannot see the road ahead.

What I learned from presenting that workshop and the results each person gained from attending was that no matter how challenging one’s personal and financial circumstances are, a daily gratitude practice changes ones outlook, gives hope and allows  ones attention to focus on what to be grateful for.  Hard times fade and even the memories do in time, however being grateful for life and all its gifts will always remain as long as we appreciate them and be grateful for the blessings they are.

Today, after all those years, I am still in touch with a handful of the women I met in that workshop.  Gratitude helped them to conquer the feeling of low self-worth, despair at rejection and hopelessness at ever finding a job to take care of their lives and their future.

The attitude of living in gratitude is indeed a blessing!

Do you keep a gratitude journal? I’d love your feedback! And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one, via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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  1. Hello Sharon,

    I came across your link when I was reading about Gratitude.
    I loved that picture on this page which actually led me to your post.
    I used that picture and made a mention of it in my blog. So I thought to let you know 🙂
    Have a great day !

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