Butterfly – A Totem of Great Beauty, Transformation & Rich Teachings

monarch-emerging-from-chrysalisWith summer upon us we not only get to enjoy the beautiful warm weather.  Those of us who love to sit in the quiet of their garden often get to view and enjoy as well the many species of butterflies that flitter from flower to flower and land softly and gently so close to us. What a joy to sit and watch these beautiful creatures on a summer’s day. Have you ever wondered about this great totem of beauty and about its rich teachings about transformation?

Before The Great Mystery invited me into the world of totems and their teachings, Butterfly was just a beautiful delicate vision to behold and I would drink in its beauty, grace and watch it for as long as it stayed around.

Later on as I got to know Butterfly on a deep personal and spiritual level, I came to understand that a creature so delicate has many rich teachings to share with us. Here is a totem that represents change and transformation in a very intense and major way.  You only have to know the sequence of change that led Butterfly to transform from a creepy crawly into a flying one to realize it was not an easy transition.  It was a major change. Once a caterpillar, this creeping crawly little creature is transformed into an exquisite and beautiful butterfly with wings that gives it the power to fly wherever it wants. The world of the garden is no longer restricted to crawling on its belly.  It can fly.  The words, freedom, change and transformation immediately come to mind and I hear the words of the theme song that I love to end many of my transformational workshops come to mind.  “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky”.  (by R. Kelly) Indeed!  Like Butterfly, when all of us accept positive change fearlessly in our lives, the transformation that occurs gives us our own set of “wings,” and we take off in the direction of our dreams and goals and there is no stopping us!

The caterpillar goes willingly into the darkness, into the cocoon not knowing the end result, however patiently waiting for transformation to occur.  What incredible drive to transform!  What implicit trust that took from a tiny little creature!  As humans, we often like to know the end result before we even start the process. That somehow places a huge block in the way the Universe works with us. On numerous occasions we settle for the mediocre just to be on the safe side when we could have grown our own wings and flown. We too can be transformed in so many ways if we embrace change fearlessly and trust in a perfect outcome. The end result is often something so much bigger and better than we ever envision for our life.

Butterfly’s medicine helps you to:

  • Know it is safe to spread your wings and grow!
  • Have faith, your soul will find its way!
  • Helps you to see change as a positive force!

If you have Butterfly as one of your totems:

  • You are a very spirited individual full of vitality, with exotic beautiful and colorful tastes in your choices of clothes, décor, art, music and even friends
  • You cannot live or work in a toxic or harsh environment because it drains your life force
  • You’re a visionary.  You are able to see beyond the sight and what lies ahead and what you need to do to achieve your vision of what you desire in life.

To honor Butterfly, plant a garden filled with beautiful colorful flowers and Butterfly will always be around you.  Look for Butterfly whenever you are in nature.

As a totem, Butterfly can assist you with:

  • Knowing when it is time for a change, whether it’s in your relationships or in your career and gives you the courage to break out of your “cocoon.”

Butterfly’s message to you is:  Sit among beautiful colored flowers and plants or wear bright clothes and I will fly to you.  In the summer sit among nature and see me as I fly into your line of sight.

Why not find out if you have Butterfly as one of your totems!  Imagine the strength and the wisdom you can tap into on a daily basis with Butterfly by your side.

My next Totem Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday evening, September 11th in Newmarket. I would love to see you there. Please contact me for more information.

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