Happy Fall everyone.   Enjoy the beauty that is all around us at this time as we enter a Changeperiod of new Change.  It has been awhile since I communicated with you via my monthly Blogs.  In March, Change  (here I am in this Blog personifying change) came into my life while on vacation in Arizona resulting in a shatter/broken right ankle.  Change had some big plans for me as I went from month to month with a slow recovery not realizing at the time that I would end up mastering the art of Patience and finding tremendous Balance in my life.

As I lay waiting to be brought home for surgery, I called/texted severing all links with any business commitments that demanded my time and attention, anything that would distract me from the healing process that lay ahead.  I realized Change was with me to stay.  I felt that I would be laid up for 3 months.  Little did I know that six months to a year was more realistic for healing my ankle injury.  I had no idea what I was about to experience, however I was mentally and emotionally ready and I knew I was about to embark on a journey directed by Change.   I felt as if an adventure was about to begin.  I had no  negative emotions whatever regarding my condition and I felt as if unseen forces were supporting me.

Three days after my accident I was on a stretcher flying home flat on my back in the most fabulous private plane, a White Lear Jet.  I was told this was the plane of choice for the rich and the famous.  Coming home, I was accompanied by 2 medical personnel and the Jet was piloted by a former Air Force female Captain along with her male co-pilot.  We were flying 4,000 feet above commercial flights and arrived in Toronto at 6 a.m.   It was valet service all the way.  We parked in a special hanger at the airport where an ambulance and 2 attendants along with my personal medical team took me straight to my hospital for surgery.  All this thanks to my travel insurance.  Do not leave home without it folks!

Having a shattered right ankle with plates and screws does not allow one to carry on their normal day to day life.  In fact the change from very active to inactive was huge.   I was used to fill every hour of every day with “Do-ing”.  Here I was now just Be-ing and I must admit,  enjoying it!  For 3 months my waking and sleeping position was flat on my back with my right leg/foot in a cast elevated 24/7 and having to depend on someone else for my daily needs.   All my life if I needed something done I would do it myself rather than ask someone else and also I disliked injections.  Well, my friend Change, changed all that because I had to learn to give myself daily injections to prevent blood clots and rely on others for my every need.  That was a major Change!

This Change came at a time when I felt I was at the pinnacle of my life.  Change made me look within and the answers were profound.  Here are some:

  1. Change had been knocking on my door for a long time.  The universe was trying to get my attention.  However, I felt so secure in my day-to-day status quo life I ignored the signs.
  2. If you don’t “listen” to the little voice within to change direction, the universe will give you a swift kick in the rear to get your attention!   WOW!
  3. Always listen to your heart – not your head. Your heart knows what is best for you!

“Heart is truth and head is doubt!”

  1. When Change knocks, even if what is being presented seems financially unstable or unsafe, know that doors will open and opportunities will flow your way that you never imagined!
  2. Learn to say NO gracefully and with a smile. People will respect your decisions and feel safe around you.
  3. Doing nothing is not a crime! In fact that is when your heart gets your attention, speaks to you and puts you on a major highway (of life) when previously you may have been on a side street.
  4. Speak your truth. Be compassionate and kind always.  In doing so, you give others permission to do the same.

Anatole France said  “All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.”   What I thought would have been so hard to let go of, was done for me with a broken ankle.   That is why I love Change and welcome it into my life.  It is not always joyful, however it always leaves a precious gift.

Seasons change!  We never hear of summer refusing to change, not allowing autumn to show off her glorious colours.  As humans we too must look forward to change with a positive outlook knowing that Change is there to show us what we can become.  Change steers us towards the bigger picture, thus helping us to reach our potential.   I would love to hear how positive change changed your life.

Be well,



5 thoughts on “Change

  1. Hi Sharon:

    WOW what a revelation!! When I had my accident, I was not listening to my heart, which told me to get rid of this person that was in my life at the time. He was very negative and not for me, and I knew it. I did not listen to my heart. Then “click” just like that!! I had the accident and he left 2 weeks after because he could not take me being upset all the time.. WOW!! That was the best thing for me. The Universe was trying to tell me to slow down and get this man out of my life. Bam!!! I get T-boned by a car running a red light at 70 km. an hour. My life changed 365 degrees!! 5 years later I am still reeling, coping, and trying my hardest to heal. I will never fully heal because I have Fibromyalgia and I have to learn to live with chronic pain and fatigue every single day. However, I am happy!!! Except the pain and fatigue I am a positive person and I will continue to be a positive person. You know why??? Because its the only choice for me!!!

    • Thanks Mo for your honesty and for sharing as well. You are an inspiration to so many people.
      So glad you are happy. Do keep in touch. Hugs Sharon

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience Sharon, I too had a life changing event happen a few years back. While working on a heavy General Internal Medicine and Geriatric floor as a Nurse for a number of years a felt a urge to make a change in my practice. I walked over to Princess Margaret Hospital to inquire about job opportunities. I was told by a Nurse Manager to apply on line and attach a resume. I did not have a resume as filling out applications was how I started at Toronto General Hospital years before and both sites were considered 1 hospital, so I let it go. A few weeks later I sustained a wrist injury that had me removed from my unit as I was no longer able to do the physical work my job demanded. I was placed and trained as a Clinical Support Analyst working Monday-Friday which I had never done. 12 hr shifts were my mainstay. I was in denial and fought so hard to get back to my job but to no avail. I refused to let that door close so that another much better one could open, then I started taking courses in meditation, reiki, chakra balancing and because I worked during the week like most, retreats were also possible. As my journey continued I found a job at Princess Margaret Lodge as a Nurse and was able to practice my Reiki on clients who were receiving Cancer treatments. Those that had the best results were the Palliative clients, and then once again the Universe sent another message and the Nursing department was removed from PMH Lodge and I transferred to the Palliative Care Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital! Although the patients were all Palliative it was a very busy active unit that acted more like a transition unit. I learned a great deal of skills, and worked with some of the most compassionate,professional individuals from all areas. I was unable to practice my Reiki as I had hoped but was fortunate to have the opportunity to write and pass my Specialized Certificates in Oncology and Palliative Hospice Palliative Care. I took early retirement February 2016 and now I am focusing on starting my own Reiki business and working at gaining employment at a Hospice were I can practice my Reiki on those transitioning. I want to create an environment of peace, comfort and love to the patients and families during their experience. I feel so blessed that the change in my life came as it did, I ended up where I wanted to be all along which allowed me to attain my dream job. I am so grateful Universe Thank You!! Namaste!!

  3. Hi Sharon I forgot an important piece to say that along with being grateful for my journey that I have met some of the most amazing healers, filled with compassion and passion in their fields. All of who have helped me along with my spiritual growth and I feel truly blessed for this

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