I look forward to connecting with you. Please feel free to leave a comment right here on the site, or you can reach me by:

Tel: 905-392-1685


Newmarket,  Ontario

7 thoughts on “Contact

    • Thanks so much Nick for your kind comment. Looking forward to this exciting chapter in
      my life. New year, New Website. Love ya.

  1. Sharon the new website is awesome!! The set up of the website is easy to navigate and you have outlined all the services, workshops etc in a clear, concise manner that is easily understood, and informative.
    I look forward to my reading.
    Thank you and big hugs. Bev

  2. Congratulations !
    Great presentation, a wealth of information and very interesting Services and Workshops offered. The Animal Totems and Power Animals is one of intrigue.
    Wishing you great success !

    • Hi Pinky,

      Thanks so much for your kind remarks. The Animal Totems and Power Animal workshops are very
      popular because they are very empowering and act as a guide and a personal profile. I am using my
      Power Animal gifts now to support me as I am balancing a number of projects and working to get them
      out. Right now I am Elk Woman. I will be sharing more information on Animal Totems soon. Please check back again often.

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