Dealing With Change and Transition

change and transitionDealing with transitions and unexpected change occurs in all our lives. There are many ways this can occur and most of the time it is not pleasant or a welcome experience. Often when you are in the throes of living through the transitions that result from unexpected change you may find yourself in total despair feeling that your life may never be happy, fulfilled and joyous ever again.  That is a normal and natural response.  After all ‘it is always darkest before the dawn.’

Do bear with me when I say that when the dust settles and you pick up the pieces of your life, you will see how and why the universe in its infinite wisdom decided it was time to uproot you from the status quo and put you on that road less traveled. This is not an unkind statement. It is a truth for many; getting uprooted from ones comfortable life in order to find ones true self and passion is the universe’s way of lending a helping hand. Most can relate to that swift kick in the rear that propelled them towards a higher calling via chaos and disruption.

Change comes disguised in various forms and ways in your life. Let’s look at a separation leading to a divorce especially when it is unexpected.  One woman described feeling as if being hit by a truck.  She said she could not think clearly for weeks after being asked for a separation from her partner of 20 plus years. What kept her going was the thought of her children and not wanting to lose her job because more than ever she needed to work.  Knowing this was the lead up to a divorce and disruption of her life and that of her children only served to make the accompanying feelings of disbelief, helplessness, sadness, despair, anger, and a whole plethora of emotions more intense and overwhelming for her.

This change is a major highway never traveled before for this individual and thousands of others on a daily basis. It is a sad and lonely time for anyone as they visualize their “empty” life stretching ahead of them. Added to that is often issues of self-esteem and in many cases financial concerns.  If you have traveled that road you will know the bumps, twists and turns you encounter prior to finding yourself on the straight highway to your best outcome.

Yes!  There is always a good outcome. What I call a god outcome. It is hard to tell someone in pain and still trying to find their ‘going forward legs’ that in about a year’s time they will be in a place they never thought possible. I recall many times telling fellow employees where I worked who knew in a matter of weeks or months they would be laid off, that something better is out there waiting for them. Sure enough, months later after the layoff I would hear glowing reports of their new careers/jobs and how happy they were. If you are in such a situation at this time, it is up to you to decide what outcome will serve your new life direction. In my line of work I am so delighted to see the outcomes always surpassing the expectations. Your future may appear bleak and joyless as you transition through the change that you did not welcome or want.  Nothing worth fighting for is easy and you will need the support of your family, friends, colleagues and especially a mentor to support and mentor you as you move towards your new dreams and goals.

For all the women experiencing a transition, be reassured, you carry within every fiber of your being, the resilience of a Goddess. Woman you are resilient! Woman you are power! Woman you are compassion! Woman, you are wisdom! Woman, you are love!  Woman you are combined energies of many, many Goddess archetypes.  You are the architect of your life! You are the captain of your ship and it is up to you which harbor to arrive at or highway to travel on, in order to realize those new dreams and goals and live the life you desire. Go forth and manifest the new you into your new reality!

I look forward to hearing from you.  Share your story.  Each story needs to be heard.  And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.





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