Dowsing Workshop

Photo by Ben Ostrowsky on Unsplash

Date:  Saturday,   March 21, 2020

Time:  1:30 – 4:30pm

Energy Exchange:  $75

Location: Newmarket, TBA

Dowsing is the ancient art of receiving guidance and answers to important life questions you may need guidance with.  Dowsing supports all areas of your life.  In this workshop you will learn how:

  • To still your mind and prepare to Dowse
  • Have a protocol in place to protect you when you Dowse
  • Use various tools/methods to Dowse
  • Your body is an excellent “tool” to use for Dowsing
  • Dowse for the correct vitamins and supplements that your body requires
  • To program a Pendulum to your energy field to answer your specific questions.

Etransfer $25 deposit to book or full payment to