Dreams Have Wings

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We have all heard the saying “What the mind can Conceive of and Believe, it can Achieve”! I am sure you can recall a time when an idea, a thought, a dream, a burning desire was conceived – born in your mind, and you nurtured it close to your heart. You had a clear picture in your mind of your dream and visualized it with minute detail, joyfully knowing without a shadow of a doubt, you will achieve it. If not immediately, some time when the time was right for it to manifest. So with positive, happy and joyful expectation you sent your beautiful thoughts, out into the Ethers with Wings while carrying on with life, letting go and allowing the universe to do its job.

For me I realized a dream I had nurtured and visualized in high school many years later. So never, ever give up on your dreams. Expect to achieve them in magical ways. My favorite subject was British History and I would sit in class and be transported to England seeing myself walking the moats and visiting famous castles. Fast forward. I am 36, married and had accompanied my husband to the Consumers Electronics Show in Chicago. There we met the owner of one of the most prestigious Loudspeaker companies in Britain whose company had just received the Queen’s Award for Excellence.

Two weeks later an invitation arrived for us to be present in England for the Awards Ceremony detailing the events which included being presented to the Queen’s Aunt who was representing the Queen. Along with 2 first class airline tickets and an all expense paid for week in England was an itinerary that included a visit to the aunt’s home which was a famous Castle. I realized my dream, finally got to walk the moat and be given a tour of the famous rooms. I achieved my dream in the most unexpected and magical way possible. If you ever doubted that Dreams have Wings, here is one of my favorite true life stories that I share all the time. It is the story of Monty.

Monty’s teacher gave each student an end of term assignment to write detailing their plans and dreams for the future. Monty handed in his paper with details of his future Ranch. Every room of his future home was painstakingly designed to scale. Nothing was left out including the acreage, grounds, horses, barns etc. When Monty handed in his assignment his teacher called him up and told him he would have to re-write his paper because it was not possible for him to attain what he had described. You see Monty was the son of an itinerant worker and his family lived in a trailer and traveled from state to state. Monty refused and the teacher threatened him saying “I will have to give you an F on your paper”. Monty took the paper away and when it was time to resubmit it he had not changed a single thing on it. He handed it to his teacher and said you can keep your F and I will keep my dream. You have guessed it. Monty achieved his dream and is living it. The story continued that years later that same teacher took his present class for an outing to Monty’s ranch.

Never doubt that your Dreams have Wings and will manifest magically in your life. Don’t allow anyone to steal your dream(s).

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2 thoughts on “Dreams Have Wings

  1. Aunt Sharon;

    I can’t believe that this was posted by you today. My boss and I were speaking about this very thing at lunch today. I am going to forward this article to her. What beautiful powers we have within ourselves if only we can get rid of all the negative and put the positive out there. Thanks for keeping me enlightened.

    • Cathy I am so glad you found my Blog interesting and helpful. Hope your boss enjoys
      reading it as well. I have been teaching that for over 10 years and my heart sings when
      I hear stories of people’s lives being changed just by keeping their dreams and goals
      alive in their hearts. A dear very old and wise woman once told me “He who expects
      nothing will surely get it!” So true. I invite you to check out my other Blogs on my
      website, you may find some more gems.


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