Embracing Change – Everything is in Transition

embrace-changeWhen I think of change I recall something I read some years ago that said “Everything is in the process of becoming something more, something else. Life is marching forward in accord with a divine plan that is coded into the very fabric of each being.” Everything is in transition and the only constant in our lives is change, so let’s welcome and embrace the process.

This New Year promises lots of exciting changes in my life.  2012 was a year of transition for me. Instead of presenting those empowering transformational workshops and seminars and running Reiki and Ear Coning courses, I decided to take a sabbatical from that part of my life after losing my mom.  I concentrated on other services; Mentoring as well as my Holistic Practice offering Reiki, Reflexology and Ear Coning which left me lots of time to be creative.  Looking back, I feel that the universe, in its infinite wisdom, allowed me that time to renew and refresh my body, mind, spirit and soul.

In the fall 0f 2012, like my Squirrel Power Animal Totem, I started the process of Gathering.  Unlike Squirrels who gather and conserve food for the Winter I was gathering and putting together those bits and pieces of my life, some long forgotten, regarding where I came from and what brought me to this place, it is called my story.  As all of you who have had to write your bio for your website will agree, it is important to define who we are and what we offer our clients.

Another gathering was somewhat different. It meant gathering and clearing all that no longer served me by de-cluttering my home of things and my mind of thoughts. Hoarding and storing creates stagnant energy and by giving away, or donating unwanted items and things to someone who can best make use of it, I was working a very important Law of Attraction called  The Law of Releasing.  This law allows abundance to enter into our lives because we have created a vacuum and the universe always rushes to abundantly fill that vacuum. So do not hoard, give it away if it no longer serves a purpose in your life.

In December, with the Holidays upon me and a wish to roll out my new website early in the New Year, I called upon my trusty Squirrel once again to help me gather and put the pieces together and I was not disappointed.  Thank you Power Animal, I am thankful for your help.

With the support and creative energies abounding for me astrologically in 2013, I am excited at the change I am experiencing in my life.  All positive!  2013, you are turning out to be wonderful and I am looking forward to once again offering those advanced Law of Attraction workshops and Seminars, and for those of you who are right there in transition, new Workshops and Seminars are on their way.  It is turning out to be a magical year as I prepare to embrace all the changes coming my way including those that may challenge me as well.

I must confess that I am still getting used to Social Media as a way to be known and do business in our fast moving world of technology.  It just shows how change has affected our lives.  As I welcome it for the good of all, I recall this saying by Price Pritchett in the mid ‘90’s re the changing world of work in which he said:  “we know that people cause change, and every year we’re adding about 88 million more humans to the earth’s population.  Progress keeps picking up speed.  The complexity of our world keeps increasing.  The rate of change keeps accelerating”. Indeed! Welcome Change. It is here to stay!

How about you? Do you embrace change? I’d love your feedback! And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog as well via the commentluv feature here on the site.



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