How to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

Nurture Your DreamsDon’t let anyone or anything steal your dream!  It is yours.  Nurture it.  Protect it from negativity and pay close attention to how you intend to manifest it into your physical reality.  A dream is like a beautiful flower.  It begins its life as a seed growing in the garden of your mind, and your thoughts. When you visualize and imagine it, you are tending and watering it to maturity.   “What you can conceive of, and believe in, you can achieve!”  Napoleon Hill

So take a minute or two, or more, and think about those dreams that you have tucked away.  Pull one out and hold it close to your heart.  Never mind that small voice inside your head that keeps telling you to be realistic, get real, get practical. Do not listen to it!

Tell that small voice to be quiet. You are the master of your destiny – the captain of your ship called Life and you intend to make it a life worthy of who you are.  You do not intend to remain in the harbor of unrealized dreams.  You intend to set sail on the seas of possibilities, adventure and creativity towards your goals for 2013. “The best way to predict your future is to create it”.  Peter Drucker

To start the adventure you must put yourself in your dream, big and bold, seeing yourself on your personal movie screen living your dream.  Engage your right brain and your power of imagination which is one of the most powerful tools you possess to support you in manifesting your dream, thus making it a part of your reality. By playing your movie daily and using the power of imagination, your dream will manifest in magical ways.  “Microsoft is a company that manages imagination”.  Bill Gates

You have just set in motion what I call The Action Plan.  When you have a strong vision of your dream and an action plan working for you, together the two will create a “force field” around you that will attract into your life, every situation and individual required to make that dream, that goal, a reality. Now write your dream down on a piece of paper, with a pen, not a pencil that can be easily erased, and next to it place an affirmation that will assist you in realizing your dream. Then never forgetting that gratitude is the key that opens the door for abundance and dreams to manifest in your life, write three times, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

May all your dreams manifest in magical ways!

“Whatever you vividly IMAGINE,
ardently desire,
sincerely believe,
and enthusiastically act upon……..
Must inevitably come to pass!”

 Paul J. Meyer

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6 thoughts on “How to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

    • Dear Karen,

      Thank you for your kind remarks re my new website and your wishes
      to me for a joyful and abundant 2013. Here’s sending those joyful
      and abundant wishes right back to you. May all your dreams and Goals
      manifest in wonderous ways.

    • Lynn, thank you for your kind remarks. I am looking forward to sharing lots this year and I am also dreaming away : ). New year. Lots of sharing and dreams and a great team.


  1. Cousin, this looks wonderful. Janine and I are planning on taking full advantage of your knowledge and wisdom. Congratulations on your new website

    • Hello Victor, Thanks for your kind comments. So good to connect with you via my website and Facebook. Looking forward to sharing with Janine and yourself whatever your dear hearts desire. Remember, I am only an email away. Hope all is well and do keep in touch. Warm regards to you both, Sharon

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