Is it Time to Make Changes in Your Life?

change_your_life_todayHere is a definition of Change that I heard that you may relate to:  “Change occurs when you start questioning the underlying realities of your life and start noticing the reality you are living is not serving you”.

Change is…a major force in your life that you cannot ignore when it comes knocking on your door.

Hello!   All of a sudden you ‘sit up and pay attention’ to what is not working, what is holding you back, what is killing your creativity.  That bolt from the blue, very much like a bolt of lightning ricocheting through every nerve of your being has finally gotten your attention.  It seems as if your unconscious and conscious minds collided sending an urgent message that screams loudly in your head and throughout every cell of your body that you cannot ignore. “Change”!  “Things have got to change. This is not how I imagined my life to be.”

Once that happens, you start the process of disengagementWhat that means is, you start separating from that once familiar part of your life that you now know is not working and you set about initiating with focused clarity, changes in your life.

You then start the process of redirecting your thoughts and your focus towards what you truly desire and how you plan to experience your life in future. The old no longer holds you in its iron grip. Whatever reason that precipitated the need for change becomes secondary, as all of your attention is focused on the future, making plans, and setting new achievable goals.

Change of this nature is empowering because you have a clear and focused image in your mind of your goals and desires and expected outcomes.  With confidence and courage you now redirect your life towards reaching those goals.

This committed drive to change your reality, will result in a life of joy, creativity and personal satisfaction which you were missing before.  It is a known fact that when one is committed, the universe joins in the dance and everything falls into place.  People, mentors, opportunities, workshops, books all appear just when you need them.

Then like the saying A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime, some of these people who have helped you will leave because you no longer need them. The Reason they came into your life is over.  Their work is done.

The Season ones stay a little longer and they also leave when their work is completed with you.  The Lifetime ones stay on and through your relationship with them, you continue to learn and grow and become more than you ever dreamt possible.  That journey you initiated has indeed changed your life.  You are more confident, poised, joyful, happy, and your creativity is at its peak.  You are at peace with yourself and your world.

Here is a wonderful saying that somehow covers it all:

“What you are is God’s gift to you.  What you become is your gift to God.”  I say God. You can substitute Source, Creator, Buddha, The All, by whatever name you refer to that ultimate and divine being.

I leave you with another insight, “To live is to grow.  To grow is to Change. To grow fully is to change often.”…John H. Newman

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To be continued: Transition – Overcome unexpected loss and change. This will be the subject of my next blog post.






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