Law of Attraction Thought Provoking Quote

Freedom Joy GrowthThis quote by Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks for the Law of Attraction expresses fully what life is meant to be for each and every one of us in physical form at this time on earth.

The basis of life is FREEDOM
The purpose of life is JOY
The result of life is GROWTH

It is very profound and fitting for Spring-time to take a close look at how you view your life and spend some time on a correction course if it is not flowing and growing joyfully the way you desire.

As spiritual beings on this amazing physical journey of human existence, let’s look at the first line of the quote:

The basis of life is Freedom.   Indeed, freedom is the basis of life for you and each person living and breathing.  It is an inalienable right of every single individual on this planet. Freedom to live your life as you see fit as well as Freedom to travel wherever your heart desires.  Freedom to choose!  This may just be the biggest and most important Freedom of all for many people.

Freedom to choose a specific career path, freedom to choose a partner to share your life and dreams with, freedom to choose love with whomever your loving heart welcomes in.  Freedom to decide what is right and what is wrong for you and your family is a huge freedom choice that many individuals take so much for granted while others live in countries where this is denied them. For some people, Freedom means escape from tyranny, choosing to live in a country that respects personal freedoms.   You get the idea.  The basis of life is freedom.  Do you exercise your gift of freedom in all areas of your life?  If you do you will surely find yourself living a life of purpose and joy.

The Purpose of life is Joy. Joy is many things to different people.  Joy can be the twitter and chirping of birds filling the early morning silence with their wake up call outside your window as dawn breaks on a new day.  Joy can be thoughts of planning a welcomed vacation to a far away place you had always longed to visit, or the sound of a loved one’s breathing filling the quiet silence as you drop off to sleep.  Joy is walking barefoot along a sandy beach feeling the sea splash against your feet as you walk hand in hand with a loved one or the smell of a new baby cuddled in your arms.  Are you living each day experiencing the joy of being alive, the joy of welcoming each new day with your heart filled to overflowing with excitement for what that day promises?  With spring upon us, avid gardeners joyfully tell of the first crocuses peaking out of the earth and the golden daffodils clustered and blooming.

Do you find yourself joyfully planning and visualizing all the wonderful plans you expect to experience in the next say six to nine months of your life?  If not. Why not?!  Just as the flowers grow towards the sun and into full bloom, so can you.  Take some time to quietly plan where you want to be in your life by the fall and joyfully plan and grow towards your dreams.  Do give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  You will surprise yourself at the beautiful garden of dreams that will materialize in your life.  The vibration of joy filling your heart, your mind, every cell of your body is what supports the growth of your dreams.

The Result of Life is Growth:  Remember you are here to transition, change and grow.  Nature is not stagnant and neither are you. Continue to energize those dreams with your personal energy and feel the joy of living that new found freedom, joy and growth.  See yourself in full bloom and sprinkle it with lots of joy.

Next time, we will cover part two of my previous blog on making changes in your life and discuss transition – overcoming unexpected loss and change.

In the meantime, share your thoughts with me. I love getting feedback. Leave a link back to your own blog as well if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.




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