Reiki: (pronounced Rey-key) is an ancient hands-on therapy. The practitioner uses Life Force Energy, also known as Universal energy to balance and heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of our being.

I offer Reiki treatments to clients in the Newmarket and surrounding areas. As a Reiki Master, I also offer courses for those interested in becoming Reiki Practitioners. For more information on becoming a Reiki Practitioner, please click here.

To schedule a Reiki treatment or for more information on other Bio-Energy therapies as well as travel costs for in-person treatments, please contact me. For a description of each of these other services, please click on the page links below:

If it is an emergency please contact me at (905) 392-1685.


2 thoughts on “Reiki

  1. Sharon is amazing, when she performs Reiki on you. She worked on my Mom for years and also really grateful as she helped with a passing exercise. I am forever grateful, and never seen anything like it.

    Love Carol and (Elsie) my wonderful Mom xo

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