Mind Body Soul SpiritWe are more than our physical bodies. More than the eye can discern.
The mind, body, spirit and soul connection is important to me, and especially so as a Transformational Mentor, Reiki Master and Bio-energy therapist, knowing we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’. This knowledge has led me on my personal path of growth and healing. Today I am qualified through that experience and continuing study to offer the many and varied services/therapies in my Healing Path Centre.

As a Transformational Mentor and Bio-Energy therapist I offer my clients a Holistic approach to caring,  not only for the mind and body but the spirit and soul because each one supports the other in its entirety. Knowing ones Animal Totems as well as ones Power Animal, is a powerful transformational and sacred tool that supports ones growth.

What may work for one person may not for another, therefore it was important to  incorporate many varied disciplines/services such as Chakra Clearing and Balancing along with Reiki and Reflexology, which many breast cancer patients find helpful during the recovery process. Ear Coning/Ear Candling (Coning) which helped my 6 year old grandson never have ear infections again is also an excellent energy therapy.

In times of change and transition we can all use objective and spiritual Intuitive Guidance/Readings which can assist in calming the mind while supporting the spirit and soul.

Animal Reiki and Animal communication came about with my love of animals and the longing to help my animal companion Anubis in 2007 make his transition when the time was right. I have just recently used it to say farewell to my beloved 17 year old Persian king of our home, Caesar.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like further clarification regarding any one of the services I offer.




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  2. Hi Sharon
    I wonder if you have a comment for what has happened to me recently.
    I moved house just over 18 months ago, in to a beautiful 400 year old tiny cottage, in England. Since then I seem to have deluge of butterflies turning up. In December and January I had them flying round my lounge. And now again, I am releasing one or two every day back out of the window. They are mostly dark – British Peacocks and Red Admirals. Everywhere I look, it appears I should be preparing for change in my life? Life is good at the moment, not brilliant, but not bad. So I wonder what might be in store. More Joy would always be welcome!
    Thanks for any insight.

    • Hello Mandy,

      So nice of you to share your Butterfly experiences with me. I feel somewhat jealous
      that you are having a deluge of those wonderful creatures all to yourself. They are
      a joy to behold, and yes, they are bringing joy into your life. As you watch them
      your heart feels so much lighter and you feel a sense of deep peace.

      You and your Cottage must be very special to have them around and wanting to stay. Of course they represent transition and change and you are wanting so much to Change and move towards your dreams and goals. It will take you breaking out of the “box”. that is holding you back. Like Caterpillar you can break free – Butterfly is asking you to spread your “Wings” and “fly” towards your heart’s longing(s). Only you know what that is. This is your time. You are supported. I do hope this helps.

      Many blessings,

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